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  • Officially called Newspaper Class but in reality a high tech GATE class.
  • Moodle Training Videos
    Created by Brian Hawkins from the Forest Grove School District
  • This is a combination of projects done in Mr. Ausman's Science and Technology Classes, including the Newspaper class. Almost all of the equipment and software used were from grants, donations and fund raisers.
    Students learned how to make movies, interview for podcasts, write scripts, design architecture and other 3d projects, program, and design and program robots.

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What Is This Site Anyway
by Admin Sysop - Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 08:29 PM
What Is Teachers' Classes
This site was put together by Mr. Ausman for his students and other teachers that would be interested. The open source software that runs it is used by major universities and other schools to bypass the high cost of industrial programs such as Blackboard and School Loop. Although, not as sophisticated as these programs it offers all the elements necessary to run a student/parent communication program and much more.
It can offer more because the software is a distance learning program that allows students to take classes over the Internet. Students can have blogs, wikiis, teams, quizes/tests, and immediate feedback. The course is designed by the teacher.
Mrs. Ausman
Picture of Admin Sysop
by Admin Sysop - Saturday, 28 August 2010, 08:56 PM
Need Help:
Mrs. Ausman at gausman@berryessa.k12.ca.us
Mr. Ausman (SYSOP) at techkids@me.com

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    What Is This Site Anyway more...
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